Become A Member

Find out how to join Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union:

  • Who can join?

    • A uniformed Houston Fire Department Firefighter or
    • An employee of Houston Firefighters’ Relief And Retirement Fund or
    • An employee of Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union or
    • An eligible relative of any of the above.
  • Which family members are eligible to join?

    • Spouse
    • Parents
    • Children
    • Stepchildren
    • Grandchildren
    • Brothers
    • Sisters
    • Grandparents
  • Where can you apply?

    You can join at any of our 3 locations.
  • What do you need to bring?

    • Proof of your ID
    • Social security number
    • Your sponsor (if you are not amongst those listed above, you will need your relative to sponsor you)
  • What do you need to do?

    You will need to open a savings account and deposit a minimum of $5.
    Once you become a member, many of your family members may also be eligible to become members of the credit union.
    All primary members age 18 and over and a HTFFFCU member in good standing can sponsor their family members into membership.

Ready to "switch" over?

The HTFFFCU Checking Account Switch Kit is an easy and convenient way to make the transition to your new checking account. This kit contains everything that you will need to transfer your direct deposit, automatic payments and to close your old account.


The first step is to open your new checking account with HTFFFCU. Visit one of our three credit union locations to open your checking account today.


Contact the companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals. Send the Change Payroll Direct Deposit Form to your employer's Human Resources department, the company handling your retirement or pension payments, or the Social Security Administration. Send the Change Automatic Payment/Withdrawal Form to anyone making automatic withdrawals from your account, like a mortgage or insurance company. We will be happy to assist you with either of these forms. Note: Please do not complete the Payroll Direct Deposit form if your only employer is the Houston Fire Department - complete the City of Houston form instead.


Leave your old account active long enough to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. Leave enough money in place to cover these transactions. When you're sure the account is inactive, send the Close Account Form to your old financial institution requesting any balance from that account. Then you can destroy your old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips.