Safe Deposit Box

Besides your family members and pets, what would you grab if you knew a natural disaster would hit your home in five minutes? Those items—anything that would be extremely difficult or impossible to replace—are candidates for a safe deposit box:

  • Original copies of insurance policies, stock and bond certificates, titles and deeds, and other leases and contracts.

  • Original certificates of marriage, birth, death, citizenship, education, and professional training.

  • Rare coins and stamps, special jewelry, medals, negatives of irreplaceable photos, and other valuable collections.

  • Inventory of the contents of your home—both in list form and on videotape.

Don't keep original items you may need immediately or in an emergency in a safe deposit box. Because you might need access to these items when we're closed, consider keeping copies in a safe deposit box and give the originals to your attorney:

  • Original copies of wills, living wills, power of attorney documents and life insurance policies.

  • Funeral and burial instructions.

Take an annual inventory of your safe deposit box's contents and store that inventory somewhere other than in the box. Store safe deposit box keys separately from keys to your home and car. Avoid storing them in an envelope with the name of the credit union on it, in case your home is burglarized.

Rates updated as of July 1, 2022

SizeWith CheckingWithout Checking258 Club Member
3" x 5"$20.00$25.00$10.00
3" x 10"$30.00$40.00$17.00
5" x 10"$45.00$60.00$25.00
10" x 10"$80.00$106.00$50.00

Other Fees

Lost both keys (must destroy and replace lock) - $230.00
Lost one key but have the other - $180.00


Safe Deposit Box fees are per year and are deducted from the primary savings account automatically on the anniversary date when the box was rented of each year (this only applies to safe deposit boxes rented after March 1, 2008 - safe deposit boxes rented before March 1, 2008 will renew on January 31 of each year). All Safe Deposit Boxes are located at the Main Office location. Safe Deposit Box Contents are not insured by the National Credit Union Administration or Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union.