Auto Pay

Auto Pay is a twofold service that allows you to both designate specific amounts of money from your direct deposit to go to different accounts in the credit union (including loan payments) and to pull money from other financial institutions to cover your loan payments with HTFFFCU.

How does Auto Pay work within your HTFFFCU accounts?

Whenever your direct deposit comes into the credit union from your employer, you can designate that some of your money go to your savings account, some to your spouse’s auto loan, some to your child’s Puppy Pak Savings Account and the rest to your checking account. Auto Pay is also a convenient way to make sure that all of your loans are automatically paid every month and that money is put away each month for savings.

How does External Auto Pay work?

Auto Pay could be set up to pay your HTFFFCU loans using your funds from other financial institutions. Signing up is easy. Give us a call or visit us and have the following information about the bank/credit union you’re making payments FROM handy

  • Financial Institution Name

  • Routing Number

  • Account #

  • Is it a Checking or Savings account?

You have the option to make automatic ongoing payments. Choose the frequency that best fits you: Monthly, bi-weekly, one-time, semi-monthly.

Auto Pay service does not include HTFFFCU credit card payments.