Pre-Purchase Inspection

Are you looking to buy a used vehicle?

A pre-purchase used car inspection can help to protect you, the consumer, from unscrupulous dealers and individuals selling vehicles with:

  • Frame damage,

  • Body damage,

  • Interior damage,

  • Paint work,

  • Mechanical problems,

  • Electrical problems,

  • Lack of maintenance,

  • Leaks,

  • and many other problems and issues Auto Exam technicians see every day.

Auto Exam will send a mobile unit (Houston Area Only) and a technician to perform a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection before you buy. The mobile units are equipped with all the diagnostic tools needed to perform the inspection. The technician will give you a written, unbiased report based on the condition of the vehicle. They can also give you a written appraisal of the current market value of the vehicle. With this inspection, you know the condition of the vehicle before you buy. Auto Exam allows the consumer to make a more educated purchase. Using this service should be one of the steps you take before buying a used car, truck or van. After the inspection you can be confident in buying a car or even glad you didn’t buy it.

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Auto Exam is Houston’s oldest and largest pre-purchase inspection company. Auto Exam has been protecting consumers and credit union members in Houston since 1992. Call Auto Exam before you get stuck with a bad used car!  Visit or call 1-800-709-5792 for more information.