Member Referral & Incentive Program

Refer eligible family members and earn cash!

Member Referral Program

Refer eligible, adult family members and earn $20 per qualifying referral. You can refer any of the following family members to earn a referral reward, as long as they are 18+:

  • Spouse

  • Parents

  • Children

  • Stepchildren

  • Grandchildren

  • Brothers

  • Sisters

  • Grandparents

Each of the new members sponsored by you will then be eligible for the New Member Incentive Program (see below), and they will be able to earn up to $100!

Join our credit union and earn up to $100 !

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New Member Incentive Program

Bring your direct deposit to the credit union in the amount of $250 or higher and earn $25!

Perform more than 10 debit card transactions with your HTFFFCU Visa debit card and earn $25!

Get our credit card and earn $25!

Apply and obtain any secured loan and earn $25!

Existing primary members opening a new membership do not qualify as a new member. Previous members with closed accounts do not count as a referral nor are they eligible for incentives under "New Member Incentive Program". Members and eligible family members must be 18-years old to participate in the Referral Program and the New Member Incentive Program.

To earn incentives, new members must perform the selected tasks within 90 days of the account opening. Incentives will be deposited after 90 days, but not later than 120 days after account opening to the savings account as a dividend credit. The recipients are responsible for any federal taxes on the monetary incentive, if applicable. HTFFFCU reserves the right to disqualify any referrals that do not meet set guidelines or in circumstances where HTFFFCU reasonably believes that referrals were not sent in good faith. HTFFFCU reserves the right to end or modify the program at any time.