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Rest assured, we're looking out for you.

We want you to keep peace of mind when it comes to your financial information. That's why we offer an array of security features tailored to keep you informed about your account 24/7! Learn about those features below and sign up for one or all to keep up-to-date on all your account transactions. Get started today!

Debit Card Alerts via SecurLOCK Equip

Imagine an app that puts the power to protect your cards is in your hands. SecurLOCK™  Equip does just that. Left a store without your card? Lock it until you get it back. Shopping around the neighborhood? Set the card to work only where you are. Providing a card to your college-bound child? Receive alerts and monitor their spending. Click here to learn more.

Online Banking Alerts
Savings and Checking Account  (Share Account) You can choose to be notified when your balance is below a specified amount, and how often you'd like to be notified.
Loan Account Find out when your loan balance meets certain criteria you specify.
Transactional Select to be alerted about when your next deposit is made, or when a withdrawal for a certain amount clears your account.
Check Cleared Specify the check number and find out when it clears your account.
Check Cleared By Range Find out when a specific range of check numbers has clears your account.
Check Cleared Out of Sequence Keep up to date with your check numbers and be alerted when a check out of sequence clears.
Certificate Maturing Alerts you when your certificate is maturing.
Event Find out when you receive a secure message or set up more security on your account.
Reminders Have an important date coming up? You can remind yourself by setting up a Reminder! And it doesn't even have to be account related.
Credit Card Alerts
Suspicious Activity If we suspect that a transaction made on your account is fraudulent, our security monitors will contact you via phone to verify the transaction in question. Contact us to make sure your contact phone number is correct on our system.
New Statement Available We will notify you when your new monthly Credit Card eStatement is available.
Payment Due Need a reminder when your payment is due? Set up this alert and choose how in advance you want to be alerted.
Credit Limit Stay up-to-date when your credit limit has been reached or exceeded..
Available Balance Find out when your balance drops below a certain threshold that you set up.
Balance Near Credit Limit If your balance is near your credit limit, you can choose to be alerted.
Balance Exceeds or Drops Below An Amount If you need to know when your balance exceeds or drops below a certain amount, you can choose this alert.
Transaction Events Set up alerts to notify you if: a transaction posts to your account, a credit (other than your payment) posts to your account, a single transaction exceeds a certain amount.
Personal Events Have an important date coming up? You can remind yourself by setting up a Personal Event Alert! And it doesn't even have to be account related.

Ready to get started? Click on the alert you want to set up below and sign up!

1. Log-on to CU Online

2. Select the "Accounts" tab on the menu bar

3. Click on "Account Alerts"

4. Click on "Click here to add new alerts or reminders"

5. Select Alert Type

6. Complete the required information for the specified alert and click "Submit".

1. Log-on to CU Online

2. Select the Credit Card you would like to set up alerts on (if you have multiple credit cards).

3. On the left hand menu, click on "Alerts"

4. Click on "Custom Alerts"

5. Click on "Create a New Alert"

6. You can select whether you'd like to be notified via email or text message. Input your information, select the alerts you want to set up and click "Submit".