Teen Savings Club

About the Club

Welcome to the Teen Savings Club, a special place for HTFFFCU members ages 13 – 17, starting in January 2019. All current Puppy Pak Members will be automatically enrolled into the Teen Savings Club upon turning 13, but if your child is not a member of the credit union yet, make sure to sponsor them and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Savings Account with a minimum balance of $5.

  • Opportunity to open a 1 Year Teen Certificate of Deposit. Learn more here

  • Opportunity to open an associated Teen Checking Account with a VISA debit card upon turning 14. Parent’s/Guardian’s consent necessary.

  •  Online Banking/Mobile Banking Access upon turning 16

  • Opportunity to win prizes throughout the year – competitions will be announced in each Teen eNewsletter

  • Make sure to provide your email address!

  • Annual Financial Workshop in April

Ready to join? Click here!

Financial Workshop

Is your child financially prepared for the real world? Now is their chance to attend our annual financial workshop to find out how prepared they really are.

Our free and interactive workshop for Teen Savings Club Members ages 13 -17, Tens and Thousands, is designed to help your child prepare for their own financial success.

What your teen can expect:

  • Expert Talk
    We’ll have one of our very own financial experts share their knowledge on smart saving and spending, credit scores, and what it takes to build credit, and they will walk your child through the process of buying a car.

  • Reality Fair
    Your teen will learn about the costs of living independently, and they will be able to make their own financial decisions.

  • Lessons Learned
    We will discuss various ways to approach their finances in the future

  • Financial Quiz
    We will have a fun and interactive quiz for your teen to test their financial knowledge.

This year’s workshop was held on Saturday, April 27. Information about next year’s workshop will be available in March 2020. Please check back later!