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Chief, Penny, Patch and Squirt invite your child to join the HTFFFCU Puppy Pak Savings Club! The Puppy Pak is a great way to teach kids age 0 to 12 about saving money so they will learn good financial habits that will last a lifetime.

About the Puppy Pak Savings Club

The Puppy Pak member will get to know Chief, the leader to the Puppy Pak and his friends, Penny, Squirt and Patch. With their help, Puppy Pak members will have adventures while they learn about the benefits of saving money.

The Puppy Pak is the perfect place for birthday money, holiday gifts and allowance because it earns dividends. Plus, you can take advantage of Auto Pay to help your children save for college and the future.

Going over their Credit Union statement when it arrives is the ideal time to explain dividends and share in the excitement of watching the account grow. In addition, goals can be set with children to encourage saving for something special. Each time a deposit is made, you can reinforce the positive step toward reaching their goal.

Here are just a few benefits of being a Puppy Pak member:

  • Learning about saving money and starting the foundation for good money management

  • Special events and contests for Puppy Pak members and their families

  • The Paw Print newsletter full of information, puzzles and games to encourage learning about money

  • Birthday greetings from Chief and his Puppy Pak friends

There is no fee for signing up a child for our program. However, to be a Puppy Pak member, a child must:

  • Be 12 years old or younger

  • Be eligible for membership in the Credit Union

  • Open an account at the Credit Union

  • Maintain a minimum balance of $5.00

Remember to bring the following items with you to open a Puppy Pak Account:

  • A signed sponsorship form (which the parent member may obtain at the branch)

  • Child's social security card

Paw Prints

Issue: 2019- February | Guess How Much!

Chief has been saving up his money and his bank is finally full! Take a guess at how much money Chief has saved. If you are the closest guess, Chief will give you all of the money he’s saved. To submit your answer, click here. The Puppy Pak member who guesses the closest amount of money will be notified in April to kick off our Youth Savings Month!

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Issue: 2018 - October | Who invented what?

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