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Home Loans


Whether you're a first time homeowner or a seasoned one, we have the right options to satisfy your home-buying needs!

What are you in the market for?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned owner looking for a new place for you and your family, a Mortgage Loan from HTFFFCU offers some great benefits that may be just what you need to get in the home of your dreams. We offer 5, 10, 15 and 30 year mortgages and with no junk fees. Who could ask for a better deal?

Benefits of homeownership:

  • Stability - It's rewarding to have a place to settle down in and call your own.
  • Tax deduction - You usually can deduct mortgage interest on your tax return (Consult a Tax Advisor).
  • Appreciation - Over time, the value of a home generally increases. Increase in net worth-Mortgage payments help you build equity.
  • Borrowing Power - Equity built up over time may help you qualify for future loans.
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The equity in your home is one of your most valuable assets and we want to help you get the most from your investment. You have worked long and hard to pay for your home and it may be time to have your home work for you with a Home Equity Loan.

You can use the cash from a Home Equity Loan to do just about anything!

  • Educational Expenses
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Payoff Existing Mortage
  • Home Improvements
  • Your Dream Vacation
  • Medical Bills
  • Business Startup
  • And much, much more!

Not only are the possibilities endless with a Home Equity Loan but you don't have to worry about "Junk" Fees! That means: No Origination Fees, No Processing Fees, No Underwriting Fees and No Administrative Fees.

Also, consult a tax advisor to see if your interest is tax deductible!

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A Home Equity Line of Credit from HTFFFCU offers you the same great benefits of a Home Equity Loan with easier access to the equity in your home any time you may need the extra cash.

Not only are the possibilities endless with a Home Equity Loan but you don't have to worry about "Junk" Fees! That means: No Origination Fees, No Processing Fees, No Underwriting Fees and No Administrative Fees.

Some restrictions apply. Contact our Real Estate department for details.

Home Improvement Loan - We all know that things can happen unexpectedly and when they do they can sometimes cost more than we are prepared for. If you ever find yourself with a leaky roof or are needing to make any huge repairs to your home but with out the finances to make it happen, remember that your credit union is here to help.

The Home Improvement Loan is not only here for the unexpected but if you are looking to ever add value to your home such as adding a pool or additions to your home, we can help with that as well! So jump on in!

Contact the Real Estate Department for additional loan details and restrictions.

Unimproved Property Loan - An Unimproved Property Loan can help you get that land that you have always wanted. Whether you are looking to build your dream retirement home, investing in your new deer lease or looking for a place to graze your cattle this loan is perfect for you.

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Updated as of: October 1, 2018

Mortgage and Home Equity 5-yr. Rates
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
5-Year Fast Payoff 5* 3.000% *
5* 3.500% **

* Must be in 1st lien position ** If 2nd lien position

Mortgage Loan Rates with 90% LTV1
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
Mortgage Loan 10 2.800%
15 2.950%
20 3.500%
30 4.950%
Mortgage, Home Equity and HELOC Rates 2
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
10 5.600%
15 5.600%
20 5.600%
30 6.150%
Home Equity Loan Rates in 1st lien position3
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
Home Equity Loan  10 3.500%
15 3.875%
Unimproved Property Rates 4
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
5 6.25% - 9.25%
15 7.25% - 10.25%
Home Improvement Rates 5
Loan TypeTerm in YearsFixed Rate APR*
5 7.75% - 10.75%
8 8.25% - 11.25%
10 8.75% - 11.75%

¹Maximum debt ratio: 36%; minimum credit score: 680 Maximum LTV 90% for purchase or refinance of primary residence. 2 Mortgage: Maximum LTV on primary residence is 95% Maximum LTV on 2nd homes is 80% 2Home Equity/HELOC: Maximum CLTV is 80% Minimum repayment term is 5 yrs. Minimum HELOC draw period is 5 yrs. Maximum combined term (including HELOC draw period) - 15 yrs. - 2nd lien position - 20 yrs. - 1st lien position. 3Maximum debt ratio: 40%; minimum credit score: 680 Must be in 1st lien position. $10,000 of the loan amount must be new money to the credit union. Maximum loan amount: $75,000 Maximum loan amount: 80% of the sales price or appraised value, whichever is less. 5 Collateral does not have to be principal residence. Minimum loan amount: $5,000. Maximum loan amount: lesser of 80% of market value minus any liens or $50,000. Member must hire a general contractor and contractor must complete job with only 90% of funds. The 10% retainage will be released 30 days after we receive a completion certificate from a certified appraiser.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

Some restrictions apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. All of our Real Estate loans have closing costs and they vary depending on the property, type of loan and loan amount. Contact the Real Estate Department if you have questions or for more details.