Home Improvement

We all know that things can happen unexpectedly and when they do they can sometimes cost more than we are prepared for. If you ever find yourself with a leaky roof or are needing to make any huge repairs to your home but with out the finances to make it happen, remember that your credit union is here to help.

The Home Improvement Loan is not only here for the unexpected but if you are looking to ever add value to your home such as adding a pool or additions to your home, we can help with that as well! So jump on in!

Home Improvement Rates updated as of November 1, 2019

Term 660 & above 1 APR2
5 yrs. 7.750% 7.931%
8 yrs. 8.250% 8.370%
10 yrs. 8.750% 8.850%

Term 550 to 6591 APR2
5 yrs. 9.250% 9.434%
8 yrs. 9.750% 9.873%
10 yrs. 10.250% 10.353%

Term 549 & below 1 APR2
5 yrs. 10.750% 10.937%
8 yrs. 11.250% 11.376%
10 yrs. 11.750% 11.856%

1 FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation)
2 APR calulation example: Loan amount of $50,000 and it includes the total estimated pre-paid finance charges of $214 which consist of $14 for flood determination fee and $200 for documentation preparation fee.
Some restrictions apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the Real Estate Department if you have questions or for more details at 713-864-0959 and press 5.