Verified by VISA

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Verified by VISA

Protect your online credit and debit transactions by registering your HTFFFCU Visa Credit Card with Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa gives you additional protection in your online purchases when doing business with a participating merchant. The enrollment process is easy and secure, and comes to you with no additional cost.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Verified by Visa?
A: Verified by Visa is a service designed to help ensure that only you use your Visa card to shop online.

Q: Who can register for Verified by Visa?
A: Any of our Visa credit or debit card cardholders may register.

Q: What is the benefit for consumers?
A: It provides added assurance by using your Visa card to make purchases online. You can be comfortable that any online merchant using the Verified by Visa security system is a legitimate commercial entity.

Q: Is my personal information safe and secure?
A: Yes. Your information is transmitted using a high level of encryption and is stored on a secure server.

Q: Does Verified by Visa cost me anything?
A: No. There are no additional charges associated with this service.

Q: Are there any service guarantees?
A: We assure you that the information you provide is for registration purposes. Your information is protected and will not be used by or shared with any other parties except the contractors who operate this service on our behalf. You are also afforded all the protections available to you when you use your Visa card in person.