The Auto Buying Process

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The Auto Buying Process

Purchasing a vehicle is an important decision that requires knowledge of vehicles, financing options, warranty coverage as well as many other issues that buyers may encounter.

We would like to make this a rewarding experience for you by providing you with the necessary information that you will need in order to make an informed decision that you are satisfied with.

Getting the process started:

Complete a loan application by doing one of the following:

  • Submitting your application online.
  • Visiting any one of our 3 branch locations to meet with a Loan Officer.
  • Calling our Call Center at (713)864-0959 or (800)809-0600 and completing a Loan-By-Phone request.

After you have been pre-approved:

  • Shop for your vehicle! Visit one of our Preferred Dealerships. Ask to speak to the people whose names are listed as Fleet Managers and deal only with them. If you go to a dealership that is not listed on the Preferred Dealerships list, always ask for the Credit Union/Fleet Manager.
  • Once you have selected a vehicle, have the dealership fax an invoice and a purchase order to your Loan Officer.

One you have selected a vehicle, either bring or fax the following items to (713) 715-6190 as soon as possible to avoid any delay in the processing of your loan request.

  • Proof of Income such as pay stubs, tax returns, etc.
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance - Have your insurance company fax a binder that displays your new vehicle's description, VIN number, deductibles and the Credit Union as a lien holder to (713) 715-6190.
  • Purchase Order signed by you and the seller.


  • Once your Loan Officer has all of the requested information, he/she will either fax the drafting instructions to your dealership or give them to you to take to the dealership. It is suggested that you only give the drafting instructions to the dealership at the time you take delivery of your vehicle, in case there is a problem with the vehicle.

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