Online Security

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Online Security

Security Precautions to your Online Banking

Stay safe by taking simple precautions:

1. Never share credentials.

2. Ensure that any computer system used to connect to a banking website is updated with all applicable security patches.

3. Ensure that any computer system used to connect to a banking website has effective antivirus software installed and the virus definitions are updated and installed automatically on a regular basis.

4. Initiate an antivirus scan of any computer previously used to connect to a banking website. This should help uncover any viruses that have already been installed on the system. To remove an already present virus, the user may need to take additional steps including but not limited to, contacting technical support for the computer manufacturer or antivirus company, or installing a fresh version of the operating system.

5. Consider subscribing to a credit monitoring service as a precaution against further identity theft.

6. Set up alerts to be notified of transactions or significant balance changes.

7. Monitor statistics and account history.

8. Monitor e-mail to ensure that a notification hasn't been received regarding a change of e-mail address.

9. Verify e-mail addresses periodically.

10. Change multi-factor authentication and PINs regularly.

If you have any questions please contact the credit union at 713-864-0959.