8 Best Money-Related Presents For Children

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8 Best Money-Related Presents For Children

There are thousands of options when it comes to buying presents for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews; or any child that you may encounter during Christmas holidays for that matter. With such endless choices, it may seem impossible to give them a gift that is entertaining but meaningful; nice but not too expensive.

Well, it is possible. We’ve searched through multiple money-related gifts and narrowed it down to the items listed below. If you are in the market for educational children’s gifts, keep reading.

Piggy Bank

That’s right! The old-school piggy bank can teach kids a lot about savings and in more complex ways than you may think.

Some piggy banks have opening mechanisms to allow kids instant access to their cash. Others need to be shattered before kids can get their hands on their savings.And then there are more modern, digital piggy banks that count all the coins so your child will always know how much money they have saved.

With all these options, you can decide which type will suit your child better. Or you can purchase a few of them and allow your kid to designate each one for a different purpose.

Best for kids aged: 3 – 12

Cost: Range between $5 and $25

Puppy Pak Savings Club Membership

Membership into the Puppy Pak Savings Club is another great gift that instills good saving habits among children. If you are looking for a fun-filled educational program for your child and hassle and fees-free sign-up process for you, Puppy Pak Savings Club is exactly what you need.

Click here to learn how to become a member of HTFFFCU (if you are not one already) and learn how to sign your child up to become Puppy Pak member.

Best for kids aged: up to 13

Cost: No cost but initial deposit of $5 is required

Loose Change | Board Game

Loose Change is an educational card game for counting money. Players try to add up their cards consisting of nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars to one dollar without going over. Once they complete one dollar, they earn their cards and start a new round. The player who collects the highest number of dollars becomes the winner! If you are looking for a fast-paced game and you don’t mind joyful shouts filling the house, the Loose Change board game is the right choice for you!

Best for kids aged: 4 – 10

Cost: Approximately $14

The Allowance Game Board Game

The Allowance Game is an exciting and relatively easy game that teaches children how to use money. The winner is the first person who manages to save $20. If you are looking for a savings battle between you and your kids, let the Allowance Game begin!

Best for kids aged: 5 – 11

Cost: Approximately $25


A colorful wallet with plenty of zippers and pockets is a great way to introduce the concept of money to younger children. You can place coins and bills inside, family photos or gift cards – it’s all up to your imagination and the receiver’s age. And yes, the wallet could even be firefighter themed!

Best for kids aged: 3 and up

Cost: Range between $4 and $30

Cash Register

A mini cash register is a perfect and versatile gift to introduce the concept of money and cost. It can play an important role in increasing a child’s shopping awareness since adults can point out how much various items cost. Aside from its educational value of building math and calculation skills, a register has the ability to keep children busy for hours as their imagination takes them to the grocery store, post office, clothing boutique or a cinema.

Best for kids aged: 3 – 10

Cost: Approximately $35

Buy It Right Board Game

Buy It Right is another educational game that teaches children math and currency skills as well as making them aware of different shopping choices. The objective of the game is to fill a shopping cart with item cards faster than other players. The game has three difficulty levels which let kids continue playing with it as they grow older and more conscious of money.

Best for kids aged: 5 – 9

Cost: Approximately $20

Money Maze

Let’s say that you want to give your child a gift of good, old-fashioned cash but sliding it in an envelope seems just way too simple. You’d like your child to earn the gift but making them wash your car can seem inappropriate suggestion, especially on Christmas Day. How about purchasing Money Maze, an item that makes children solve the puzzle before they can get their hands on the money?

Money Maze is just a plastic box with a maze inside and it contains a small ball. The ball, when properly placed, acts as a lever to unlock the bank. If you’re brave enough to handle your kids' frustration – Money Maze is a perfect gift idea for you.

Best for kids aged: 4 and up

Cost: Approximately $10