I am new at this whole banking thing: Millennials and Money

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I am new at this whole banking thing: Millennials and Money

Most teenagers don’t think twice about how they are going be handling their money as a twenty-something. No. They simply get their parents debit card every now and then and swipe it accordingly.

Think back to when you were a teenager. Did you know how credit worked? Did you think about how much you would need to make in order to live on your own, away from your parents? The world of finances is not as intriguing or addictive as our Facebook pages or the newest Snap Chat filter. It’s something even some of us try to avoid. However, like the growing technology our generation seems to embrace so easily, our finances are something that is always going to exist. It’s always going to be a part of our lives and we are going to have to face the music one day if we are ever going to move forward.

While some of us have never encountered a financial course, I did eventually stumble upon some form of a financial budgeting class in college. I remember the feeling of being totally glazed over while trying to absorb everything that was being thrown at me, especially about credit card debt. I am sure my face looked utterly frozen in boredom as I began to think, “I don’t care.”

However, the truth is, I needed to care.

Too many of us don’t know the fundamentals about dealing with our own money. Too many people my age magnificently screw up their finances by taking a “no instructions needed” approach. Learning to build my own credit was almost like learning how to use a new smart phone. Once it’s in front of you, you can go through the motions and gradually get a decent feel about how it works.

Speaking of credit, do you remember when you applied for your first job? Do you remember the one thing you probably heard that made it almost awkward to obtain that first job? The whole line, “Well you just don’t have enough experience.” Your mind begins to contemplate, “How am I supposed to get experience if no one is going to hire me?” In a sense, that is credit in a nutshell.

Gaining credit is something that many of us millennials are somewhat oblivious about. You can’t purchase your first car because you don’t have enough credit. You can’t get a credit card with a sizable limit because you don’t have enough credit. It’s a harsh reality many of us have come into contact with. Luckily, there are plenty of credit union products that young adults can attain to start building their credit; like our HTFFFCU credit cards and loans. Our experienced and responsive loan officers can answer any question you may have regarding how to build your credit; from how to read a credit score to what the process is for getting your first credit card.

Want to know the best part? Our whole HTFFFCU staff WANTS to help you. We want to help you purchase your very first car, we want to be there when you are looking for your first home. We want to answer all of your questions and work with you on getting what you want. Too many times do we walk away from something because of intimidation, or because we feel out of place when trying to talk about finances.

If someone threw a bunch of ingredients at you and told you to make a cake, wouldn’t you want to read the recipe first? Money management and credit have many different ingredients and just like making a cake, it can be messy. You should call and ask that question. You should come by and sit down with a loan officer if you don’t comprehend exactly what the procedure is. There is no judgment because all of our staff are here to help you. Remember, knowledge is power. Like life, finances are sometimes complicated, so ASK AWAY!

A native of Louisiana, Molly Burley is the rookie on the HTFFFCU marketing team. She loves everything creative and is our departments certified exclamation enthusiast.