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Extended Call Center Hours

Due to the influx of call volume in relation to the launch of our new online banking system, the HTFFFCU Call Center will have extended hours:
• Wednesday, March 22 & Thursday, March 23 - 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
• Friday, March 24 - 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
• Saturday, March 25 we will resume our regular Saturday Call Center hours of 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

First Time Enrollment On New System

  • Click on Secure Login on the navigation menu. If you had online banking access on the old system, please use your account number and old password to access your account. You will be instructed to change your password and to create a login ID (account numbers will no longer be used). Follow the prompts to login.
  • Once you have accessed your information for the first time, log out and log back in with your new login ID and password to get full access to your account. This step is especially important for Bill Pay users. It is very important that current Bill Pay users NOT access Bill Payment on their first login.

The wait is over and we're excited to announce a new and improved virtual banking experience! Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU has upgraded your online banking experience, and access anytime, anywhere, from any device has never been easier.

Look forward to the following exciting enhancements and brand new features:

You will be able to send money to friends and family easier than ever with the following services:

Send money to friends and family using our convenient person to person service. Owe your buddy money for lunch? Use FirePay!

Member to Member
You will be able to transfer to other HTFFFCU members with online access by conducting a Member to Member (M2M) Transfer. This enhanced service will replace cross-member transfers (the forms will no longer be needed). You will be able to send a single transfer to HTFFFCU members with online banking access by just knowing the first three letters of their last name and account number. Or you can permanently link that account if you know you'll be utilizing it more than once.

External Transfers
If you have an account at another financial institution, you make an external transfer to those accounts. This service is currently called A2A Transfers and will work the same. 

No need to have more than one app. Now you will be able to deposit checks and check your balances all through one mobile app which is downloadable for iPhone and Android.

Thumbprint Capability
You will have the option to create a thumbprint login on phones that have that capability making it safer and more convenient to access your financial information!

Secure Access Codes
Secure access codes will be utilized when you login on a new device, forget your password or if you make external transfers above a certain amount.

If you have more than one account that you are a primary member on, you will now have the ability to view all your accounts under one login. No more having to log into each separate account. When you log into online banking, you will see all your accounts including any accounts you are joint owner on! Note: Joint account owners will be able have their own login credentials instead of sharing them with primary owners. They will simply need to click Enroll from the login screen and create their own user ID and password.

New user and ready to get started?
Enroll in Online Banking