Credit Card Conversion Portal

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Credit Card Conversion Portal

Exciting changes are coming to your HTFFFCU credit card!

At HTFFFCU we strive to deliver the best member service experience possible while ensuring your financial security. We are excited to announce we will be partnering with a new credit card processor this year that will allow us to bring you a more secure credit card and a robust rewards program in September.

What this means for you:

  • We will be solely a VISA card provider.
  • All new credit cards will be EMV chip-enabled. This adds another layer of security to your card.
  • We are introducing a brand new rewards system!

In September, you will receive a NEW Visa® credit card outfitted with EMV chip technology to protect against fraud. Here is the most important information you will need to know about the conversion.

Important Dates To Remember
  • September 5, 2017: New credit cards will be mailed to all active credit card accounts in good standing. All current credit cards will be converted to a Visa card with a new card number.
  • September 11, 2017: Last day for cash advances in branches. This includes credit card checks and transfers.
  • September 14, 2017: Last day for any monetary transactions including payments and adjustments.
  • September 17, 2017: First day members will be able to activate and begin using their new Visa chip-enabled card.
Payment Information

Auto Pay

  1. HTFFFCU Accounts
    We’ll automatically transfer your existing automatic payments from your HTFFFCU savings or checking account.
  2. Online Payments
    To set up automatic payments with your new card, sign into HTFFFCU Online and click on your credit card under the Services tab.

Note: If you set up auto pay through EZCardInfo, that information will not transfer over after the conversion and you will need to set up payment information again through the new credit card site, Access Point (which can be accessed via Online Banking).

Bill Pay

Update your Bill Pay account by creating a new payee with the new payment address. Remember to notify any vendors with recurring payments such as your gym, Netflix account, or utilities.

Other Information

Please note:

  • Remember to update your payment address and account number for any recurring payments charged to your credit card.
  • EZCardInfo will be replaced by Access Point. Members will access this through HTFFFCU Online.
  • A new rewards card will be available. To obtain the rewards card, you will need to contact the credit union. The new rewards program will begin in September.




We will update this page continuously to bring you the latest information in regards to the conversion.