Car-Buying Tips

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Car-Buying Tips

Helpful Tips on Buying A New or Used Vehicle

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Take a careful look at your budget to determine how much you can afford to spend on monthly payments. If required, do you have enough money saved to make a down payment?

Once you have decided on your price range, decide what type of vehicle will best fit your needs. When making this decision, consider how many passengers will be riding in the vehicle and the kind of driving you do.

Once you decide on the type of vehicle that you need, you may start your research to narrow down the choices. There are many publications and other resources that can provide you with comparison information in order to rate vehicles within specific categories. You may find up-to-date vehicle buying information at your local library or on the internet.

Compare safety, reliability, fuel economy, warranties, operating costs, theft rates, general features and other options before making your decision.

What size engine do you need? Smaller engines may give better fuel economy, but larger engines may give better performance.

When looking at different types and models of vehicles, consider the standard features. All of the vehicles of a particular make and model come with a standard package of features. Optional features usually add to the cost of the vehicle and some models have more standard features than others. For instance, some models include anti-lock brakes as a standard feature; in others they may be optional or may not be available at all.

Options. Numerous options are available for vehicles, in any number of different packages or they can be ordered separately. One option may be so important that it may determine the type of vehicle you purchase.

Do not narrow your choice to just one vehicle. Choose three or four that suit your needs and your wallet. One of the biggest mistakes most car shoppers make is being so set on buying a certain type of vehicle that they lose the power of negotiation.

A number of cars are "twins"; they have the same engine and chassis, but different names and styling. One model may be more expensive or offers more standard features than its "twin". By narrowing the choice to several vehicles, you maintain your bargaining power. Thus, if you are not able to get the vehicle you want at the right price, you may negotiate on another vehicle.

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