Express "Blaze" Check

Blaze Check is the lightning-fast solution to buying your next new car or truck!

And it's as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Apply. Go online to apply for your loan before you go shopping.

  2. Sign. With Blaze Check, you’ll be pre-approved up to a certain limit. You'll receive a blank check that’s good for any amount up to that limit. Sign the check and get ready to take in that new car smell.

  3. Drive. Visit your dealership, choose your new car, hand over the check and drive away! There is no need to discuss financing through the dealership.

There are no strings attached and no extra fees, and you’ll receive the same great low rates. Your Blaze Check works very similar to buying with cash and gives you the bargaining power so you can negotiate the best deal.

Go shopping equipped with Blaze Check and enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience.

Check out cars on the market today!

Blaze Check is subject to certain credit criteria. Blaze Check is valid only at Texas-based, franchised dealerships backed by major manufacturers and at CarMax and Texas Direct Auto. Blaze Check is issued for the purpose of purchasing a new or used auto only. The maximum used auto age for a vehicle purchased with Blaze Check is 7 years from the current year. The maximum mileage for a vehicle purchased with  Blaze check is 75,000 miles. The maximum loan amount for a vehicle purchased with Blaze Check is $60,000.00. The maximum loan to value is 125%.

Other restrictions may apply. See the Credit Union for additional terms and conditions.