Account-to-Account Transfers (A2A)

Account-to-Account Transfers (A2A)

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Have you ever wanted to skip the step of driving to two or more different financial institutions, and just perform deposits from the comfort of your computer? Account to Account Transfer (A2A Transfer) allows members - registered to CU Online - to perform transactions between HTFFFCU to/from an account with an external financial institution. Move money anywhere you need, anytime you want! It's quick, safe and easy! Think of HTFFFCU as your Internet Banking hub.

In order to use A2A Transfer, you need to know the other institution's ABA/Routing number as well as your account number at that institution. As a result, you normally wouldn't use A2A Transfer to pay bills. Instead, use it to move money to and from your accounts at other institutions, such as your brokerage account, another bank account or a minor's account.

1. Log-on to CU Online

2. Hover your mouse over the "Transfer" tab and select Account to Account Transfer from the pull-down menu.

3. Click on "Set up New Account"

4. Follow the prompts to complete the set-up of your new external account.

5. Within a day or two, you should receive an email notifying you that a deposit has been made to your external account.

6. Check your external account for a deposit and withdrawal - the amounts will be small, under $1.00.

7. Log-on to CU Online and go to the Account to Account Transfer tab.

8. The account your set-up should have a green "Verify" button next to the account information. Click on the button.

9. Enter the amounts you retrieved from your external account. The initial set-up process is complete!

 Account to Account transfers allow an account holder to perform a transfer to/from an account with another financial institution.

This provides the convenience of transferring money from another financial institution to make deposits to your account. The deposit can then be used to make loan payments.

There is no fee to use this service.

You must be a registered CU Online user and an owner of both the external and Credit Union accounts.

Log on to CU Online and hover over the transfer tab then select Account to Account transfers from the drop down menu. Click on Set Up New Account and then follow the prompts.

There will be a small random deposit and withdrawal to your external account. Once you have received an email stating that the transactions were created, you may then view the transactions on your external account and log on to CU online to complete the verification by entering the amounts.

After initial set up and verification process, a normal transaction will take about 3 business days.

Transfers must be at least $50 and cannot exceed $2,000 per day or $5,000 per month.

The email address on CU Online will be used for notification. To verify or update the email address on CU Online, choose member information under the option tab. The current email address will be displayed. This email address may be updated by simply typing your email address and pressing submit.

No, you are required to be an owner (primary or joint owner) of both, the external account and credit union account.

No, the system is designed for one time transfers. However, one time transfers may be scheduled as frequently as needed.

Once a transfer is in process, it cannot be stopped.

This process includes a high level of encryption and other security features. As in any internet transaction, the main security feature is you, the member. Please ensure that all log on credentials are adequately protected. For more detailed information on security, click here.